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3 Reasons Everyone Should Prepare a Living Will

You might think a living will is something only seniors or people with medical conditions need to worry about. However, life is unpredictable, and anyone can find themselves in a situation that makes communicating with health care providers impossible. Here's a closer look at the importance of this document.

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3 Reasons Everyone Should Prepare a Living Will

3 Reasons Everyone Should Prepare a Living Will

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How Can You Benefit From a Living Will?

1. Ensure Your Wishes Are Respected

Many people have strong opinions on which types of medical treatment they would want if they were in a persistent vegetative state. A living will gives you the opportunity to express your wishes regarding end-of-life care, give or withhold consent to certain medical procedures, and describe acceptable outcomes. These documents ensure you receive the health care services you want even if you’re unable to communicate with doctors.

2. Prevent Disagreements Between Family Members

Without a living will, the responsibility for making medical decisions will likely fall to your family members. While one person will be empowered to act on your behalf, others may disagree with their choices, which can spark intense disputes with long-lasting consequences.

Preparing a living will takes that responsibility off your family’s shoulders. Even if they disagree with your choices, they’ll be more likely to respect them if they come directly from you.

3. Minimize Medical Expenses

If you’re in a persistent vegetative state and unlikely to recover, your family may inherit your medical expenses. Your loved ones may not want to base health care decisions on cost, but you can relieve the financial burden with this special document. If you choose, you can deny consent to expensive, life-prolonging measures that could send your loved ones into debt.

For over 15 years, the team at We The People of NY has been making legal document preparation easy and affordable for clients across New York City. Whether you’re preparing a living will or filing for bankruptcy, their team will walk you through the process and ensure your documents are prepared correctly. Visit their website to learn more about their estate planning services, or call (212) 633-2200 to make an appointment today.